Spending most of the days feeling some type of way. Mostly with a pack of cigarettes. Can’t help but wonder, How does it look like, the future. Rich or a begger, kids and a wife, work, my parents and siblings. I know you wonder, How depressed am I? I drift and get lost in my […]


Its not my making to wake up an introvert. Maybe, maybe not. I can already feel the thirst, The dry wind blowing through the bristles at the back of my neck. An erection of emotions, so I sit at the corner next to the tinted glass wall. “what can I get you ?” Her skin […]

Diaries Of a Convict.

Chapter One.  My car engine was failing. The piston and its’ rings were aching,  I could feel they were tired. Old fucks. My ex wouldn’t shut her cunt of a mouth. But this jeep was more than just scrap,  it was my college buddy, my 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I’d smile every time I turned […]

Dog Days Are Over

I went back, back to where we started. Trying to relive our memories. Afraid that you won’t remember me, us or even the friends we shared. I now notice the waiter , you always complained how she looked at me suggestively and I’d always deny. How the corner of the room had dim light. Funny […]

No Home In The Northeast

This is not a story, this is the reality that many don’t seem to care, understand or raise awareness about. I am kenyan at the mercy of tribal lines, political devides and the brutality of terrorism. This is just a piece of the dreadfull events of the bloody warfare. Chapter One Wars with no border […]

Enemy Within

These days, divorce is no longer uncommon, but this man’s divorce is anything but normal. What began as a strange request ended in a surprise. If you read to the end of this story, you’ll be sure to learn something about the thing we call love. But warning: Grab your tissues! One day I came […]


Sometimes I wanna write blogs,  but just as im about to recollect my mind into it,  I realize its not deep enough. Deep enough to say it all,  my hurts and my smiles.  My laughs and my frawns. Maybe ill tell you all about it when we meet again. Am I a crazie? And in […]

When I was Young

She took me to see the lake,  though she’d promised the sea. It was marvelous. The sun shone directly into the water and I immediately wondered how it would feel basking from underneath the water mass.  Towards the shore,  there was sand,  the water here was calm and clear. So peaceful.  This wasnt like anything […]

The Milky Way.

Met me on the broken side of east city, Take me with you I dont belong here Trying to get to paradise, the city west of east city and north of west. So you understand? Its no where exactly. At first it was hard , bt she let me know. Of monsters and men will […]

I Pick My Poison

My mum asked if am on drugs, I was reluctant to deny, though I wasnt on marijuana, coke or any hard drugs, just that my girlfriend was somekind of a drug to me. How it all started , well a story for another chapter. Sarcasm sums all about her. She is like a girl in […]